Real Expert laptop repair Doha is one of the most successful laptop service center in Doha, Qatar. We have more than 15 years of excellent servicing experience in this field. We have come a long way in these 15 years by providing high quality laptop repair services to individuals and business organizations. Real Expert Laptop Repair Doha focus on providing high quality laptop repair services such as trackpad replacement and service, laptop chip level servicing ,motherboard repair, battery replacement, ic reballing, cooling fan replacement, keyboard replacement, fabrication works, laptop hinge repair, display replacement, laptop os installation,bios programming,bios password reset,liquid damage repair,Laptop speaker repair,Laptop screen repair,Laptop power button not working, Battery not charging, Laptop power button not working, Laptop fan noise etc. We believe in consistent and precision laptop repairs and that’s the same reason we could always deliver excellent customer service with 100% customer satisfaction. Our service is very much customer oriented and offering excellent customer service all the time. Moreover, all technicians are highly experienced and certified to carefully diagnose the problem of all the brands of laptops and serve its customers with professional quality and reasonable price. Our Real Expert Laptop service center has the latest tools and gadgets to make the task of laptop repairing as easy as possible. In case of emergency we provide rapid service. We, Real expert laptop repair doha claim transparency in the work from beginning to end. Furthermore, on time delivery, chip level servicing, highly qualified technicians and excellent customer care services are our specialties. We services all brands HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Dell including LG laptops.

Mac Book Repair
Real expert dell service center in Doha

Real Expert Qatar laptop repair doha have been providing high standard macbook service to our customer for more than 10 years. Our objective is to be best in the field of servicing.

Dell Laptop Repair

Real Expert Laptop repair doha provides you with an extensive dell laptop repairing service. Our services include dell laptop chip level repair.

HP Laptop Repair

Real Expert hp repair center in Qatar will guide you to get the most prominent solutions with best features.Our laptop experts will guide you to get the best service according to requirement.

Toshiba Laptop Repair

Real Expert laptop repair doha is the toshiba repair center in qatar we repair according to your daily need and hand it over you after complete repairing. So get in touch with us.

Lenovo Laptop Repair

Real Expert laptop repair doha provide professional repair service for Lenovo laptop. Our technicians provide intense care and solve the problem with efficiency of your Lenovo laptop.

Asus Laptop Service

Real Expert Asus laptop service in doha offers high quality and authentic repairing service. Our laptop experts will guide you to get the best service according to requirement.

Laptop Services

Screen Replacement

Laptop repairDoha has expertise in doing laptop screen repairs. A damaged screen can happen anytime can cause a cracked screen.

Hardware Service

Laptops hard drive is an important part as far as your laptop is concerned ,because that is the place where you have your data stored.

OS Installation

Laptop repair Doha value your privacy and your data is important to us as it is for you. We are bound to protect your data.

Keyboard Replacement

Laptop keyboard related issues are most common while dealing with laptops.

Laptop Accessories

If you have any problems in your Laptop Accessories don't worry our technicians will repair...

Battery Replacement

One of the most frequent replacement to be done will be with laptop battery.

About Us

Real Expert Laptop repair Doha  began the journey of excellence in 2005 with a consistent track record has now grown up to be one   of the leading laptop service centre in Doha ,Qatar.Our fully equipped laptop store has almost all laptop accessories and peripherals available to customers at its best price which are all 100% genuine and with warranty.

Our laptop technicians and staffs are committed in providing a full functioning laptop back to the customer with guaranteed privacy protection .We are bound to safeguard your personal data and details.

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Why Choose Laptop Repair Doha

  • Fast Diagnostics

    We provide quick and easy way of checking the set up on your Macbook & Laptop, Acessories and etc. We are doing it in lesser cost.

  • Quick Repair Process

    The repair process is fast and convenient & our expert technicians has more than 10 years of experience in the service field.

  • Effective Customer Support

    Our support team is one of the best thing in Laptop Repair Doha. We are providing quality services for any brand of laptops.


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Why Real Expert Laptop Repair Doha?

Laptop Repair & Services in Qatar

Today’s world considers laptops as an essential commodity, for these portable machines play a great role in assisting various human endeavors. They are preferred over the desktop PCs for their portability and handy design. In the course of time, it is possible that laptops get affected with some kind of defects. Issues with laptops are going to affect our work adversely and the right thing to do is to repair the device as soon as possible. You can choose to get expert technical assistance from a nearest laptop repair centre. Most of the laptop service centers are equipped with modern facilities and equipments for thoroughly diagnosing the issues and fix them. Many laptop service centers offer a wide range of services to individuals as well as government departments and corporates. Laptops are vulnerable to software or hardware issues and if you face any such issues with your device, reach a laptop service center-for they have got every bit of skills needed to solve them. Irrespective of the make and model of laptop, laptop repair centers cater to every repairing need of the customers. If you want to get back your laptop to all its glory, reach a laptop service center soon.

What all issues demand the help of a technician?

Sometimes, you may find that your laptop is not working the way it is supposed to be. If you can’t figure out the cause of the issue with your laptop, the wise thing to do is to take the device to a service center and fix the issues in no time. We’ve enlisted some of the common issues with the laptops below and if you find such issues, you may seek expert assistance.

1. Trackpad Not Working

An irresponsive trackpad can be due to issues with the trackpad driver software or sometimes the track pad hardware. Reinstalling the trackpad driver software may fix the issue. If that doesn’t help, then the trackpad cable or the trackpad itself may need to be replaced.

2. Lines on the display

Lines on the laptop display indicate that the display is corrupted. You can’t move on without fixing the issue. Most probably, you need to replace the display. You can get it replaced from expert technician.

3. Water damage issue

If any kind of liquid is spilt on your laptop, turn it off and rush to a nearby laptop service center. Most of the laptop service centers in Qatar are well-equipped with excellent water damage repairing services.

4.Hard disk issues

You may sometimes find hard disk activity indicator light not blinking. This shows that the hard disk is not detected. This can be due to issues with the BIOS or the Hard disk. It can also be due to some error in the mother board. Take your device to an expert service center to get a right solution for it.

5.Flickering display

Flickering display can be due to reasons like loose connections with the display strip or OS problems. A scrupulous diagnosis can reveal the exact reason behind. To get it fixed, it is essential to seek assistance from a service center.


1. Where can I find excellent laptop repair services in Al sadd, Doha?

There are many good service centers located in Al sadd. Real expert is one among them which has got years of experience in repairing all kinds of laptops and smart phones.

2. How can I recover my laptop from hinge damage?

If you have broken the laptop hinge, then a hinge replacement is necessary. If it is only a minor damage then a fabrication is required enough to fix it right. Most of the service centers in Doha offers hinge replacement facility. Real expert is one among them that offers fabulous hinge replacement services for all models of laptops.

3. Is there any solution for the slow performance of my HP laptop?

Slow performance of laptops may arise due to virus issues and installing anti-virus software is a solution. If the sluggishness persists even after that, unwanted files and programs need to be deleted and a final solution is the OS change. If you require any technical assistance, Real expert in Doha is a right place to seek help from.

4. My Acer 5750 laptop shows blue screen issue. How to fix the issue?

This can occur due to a variety of reasons like Hard disk issues, problems with the RAM, or issues with the BIOS of the system. You will get a better understanding when you take your device to the nearest laptop service center. If you are looking for a good service center in Doha to fix blue screen crash, feel free to visit Real expert, the specialists in laptop repairs.

5.Why my laptop is overheating?

If some dust particles clog the vent or if the fan malfunctions, it results in a laptop overheating problem. Prolonged overheating is hazardous to the internal components and it should be checked as soon as possible.

6.Are all laptop spare parts covered under warranty?

Not all spare parts are given warranty, but most of them are provided warranty in many of the laptop service centers in Qatar. Selected spare parts are given warranty and you can enquire about from the specific service center you choose.

7.How long it takes for a laptop hard disk replacement?

A hard disk replacement can take a couple of hours to finish. However, the actual duration of replacement is dependent on the service centers. Enquire about this from the service center you choose, for a better clarification.

8.Why my laptop is so slow?

If your laptop is too slow, then there may be virus issue and installing anti-virus software is a solution. If the sluggishness persists, unwanted files and programs need to be deleted and a final solution is the OS change. Expert technicians at Laptop service centers are equipped with the right facilities and they will provide appropriate solutions for the problems.

9. Is laptop spare parts available in your store?

Yes. We have all the spare parts of laptop in our store