Jan 04

Lenovo ThinkPad L390 and ThinkPad L390 Yoga With Upgraded Intel 'Whiskey Lake' CPUs Announced

Lenovo has now come up to tout a large number of customers worldwide by reviving its business-minded ThinkPad laptop series, whose former versions had created a storm in the market. The new ThinkPad L390 and ThinkPad L390 Yoga are introduced with Intel’s newly energized 8th Gen ‘Whiskey Lake' mobile processors.

7 July

What to consider before buying a laptop?

There are lot of things to consider before buying a laptop. Some people do a lot of research on this before buying whereas some people may not have enough time to go for a vast research where they end up directly to the store .At store you will be able to find a wide range of laptop brands and models for each brand and will have to rely on what the salesperson tell ,but that may not be always true.

06 Aug

Use of different ports in a laptop

Laptops have become an integral part of our life and we are able to perform wide range of tasks using these laptops. There are different components in a laptop .In a laptop,port serves as an interface between the computer and other computers or peripheral devices. In another words, a port generally refers to the part of connection available for connection between one computer to peripherals like input and output ones.

30 Aug


It would be nearly impossible to point out every dang doodle problem your laptop can experience so, it’s better to list four of them which comes frequently. One of the problems the laptop faces is the Keyboard is Wacky! Keyboard problem happens more often that you imagine or expect.

19 Oct


HP laptops offers the laptops with new ideas with many options to meet people's personal or professional needs. One of the advantage of buying the HP business is the good warranty support network. Some of the features that had made the HP laptops more reliable are its Touch screen, windows 8 interface makes your interaction with the laptop at your fingertips.

21 Aug

iPad Repairs For Schools/Universities Across The Usa

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