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21 Aug

What to consider before buying a laptop?

There are lot of things to consider before buying a laptop. Some people do a lot of research on this before buying whereas some people may not have enough time to go for a vast research where they end up directly to the store .At store you will be able to find a wide range of laptop brands and models for each brand and will have to rely on what the salesperson tell ,but that may not be always true. Before buying a laptop you need to ask a few questions to yourself .Why do I need a laptop? What all are things I will be doing with it? How much should be the screen size? What will be my budget? And so on. If you are a student and consider buying a laptop then you may not need a costly highend laptop. A reasonable one would work .Where as a professional would need one with more memory or speed. So coming to the point you the users are the people who need to decide what kind of laptop you need or will make it easy for you to carry out daily activities at a reasonable price, but we are here to help. As stated before there are zillions of laptop models available in market ,so the first thing to decide is which brand you are going to choose ,to decide this you can consider referring to laptop reviews or ask your friends to know which is thefast moving laptop brand. Cost is also another criteria to consider, you may need a lot of things but might not fit into your pocket. Fixing a budget will help you decide better. Screen size is another important thing to consider. Against to you to decide whether you need a notebook which is portable or an ultra-book.

We suggest consider buying a laptop with screen size from 12 inch to 14 inch. There are laptops with more screen size and as mentioned depending on your use you can select it. Weight is also something to consider .Today light weight laptops are moving fast, as part of the advancement in technology people who carry their laptop while travel chose to get a lightweight laptop model. Laptop screen is where we look at for hours so while considering screen size the screen quality should also be considered. Go for a laptop with good screen quality and which gives you view from all angles. Considering a full HD ie.1080p resolution for display will be good for better quality. Selecting laptop CPU CPU is the most important part of your laptop and it is often known as the brain of a computer. Selecting a good CPU will provide you with a good quality laptop. There are various CPU brads available where Intel and AMD processors are fast moving in market. Againthe selection depends on your budget and thepurpose. For eg. If you are using laptop for gaming then we recommend intercore i5 or core i7 H series with a battery life of 3 to 8 hours. If you are using it for every day productivity then go for Intel corei7 u series or intercore i5 or AMD ryzenmobile5 with battery life from 5 to 17 hours. There are also various models such as Intel atom, Intel Pentium etc. still in market but may not give good performance but might get it for a low price. There are other high end models also but might be costlier. For more information laptop services find us GROUND FLOOR,Suhaim tower ,Near QIIB,C Ring Road, Doha Ph:+974 6616 6874