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Motherboard Repair

Real Expert solves all your Motherboard issues. The most horrifying problem that can happen to your laptop will be motherboard failure which will require a sure motherboard repair. At times repair itself may not fix the problem and you will need to consider buying a new mother board which is very pricy and would take the same amount you need to buy a new laptop. What ever the case is you don’t have to worry. AtLaptop repair Doha we address even the most complex problem. We give our best to fix your motherboard and have a lot of satisfied customers on this aspect.Atmost and as a last resort if we have to provide a motherboard replacement, We provide it at a very affordable price.

Real Expert Laptop repair Doha has a rich store for all laptop accessories and replacement parts which are genuine and comes with warranty. How to know if you need s motherboard repair? Complete black out on the laptop screen with the hard drive not working within 20 sec. It can be a failure.

If you hear a sound from the laptop when you press power button can be mother board failure. Last but not the least when your laptop seem dead. Ie;even when you switch on your laptop nothing happens. There can be a ton of reasons like voltage fluctuation, heating issuesetc. which can cause this. What ever the reason or problem might be bring your laptop to Laptop repair Doha Qatar, where we identify and fix your issue within no time. We offer mother board repair or replacement for all leading laptop brands including Apple Macbook,Dell,Toshiba,Acer,Asus and lot more.