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06 Aug


It would be nearly impossible to point out every dang doodle problem your laptop can experience so, it’s better to list four of them which comes frequently. One of the problems the laptop faces is the Keyboard is Wacky! Keyboard problem happens more often that you imagine or expect. Suppose you pressed the num lock key on the laptop keyboards, and half of the alphabet keys start acting like numbers, don’t worry you have a solution, press the Num Lock key and restore your keyboard to full alphabetic operation. Problem is not over, Touch Pad touchiness! Some laptops touch pads stats operating by just looking at them. Yes you gets frustrated by seeing this, don’t get frustrated just adjust the touch pads sensitivity, Use the mouse properties dialogue box to review touch pad settings. Yet another laptop problem is My laptop wont wake up! A snoozing laptop means that the battery is dead. When the laptop has trouble waking from sleep mode and you have to turn it off and then turn it on again to regain control then you have got the solution that’s the problem with the power management system is your laptop. Last but not the least, a problem that irritates us is the Battery wont charge! The battery dies, even the modern smart batteries are good for only so long. Most modern laptops, especially the 2-in-1 tablet PCs, do not sport removable batteries. In that case, you must replace laptop. Whether your equipment is new or nearing the end of its lifespan, our expert technicians can meet your needs for computer repair and IT system maintenance with the same and often better service as your original equipment suppliers.