19 Oct


HP laptops offers the laptops with new ideas with many options to meet people's personal or professional needs. One of the advantage of buying the HP business is the good warranty support network. Some of the features that had made the HP laptops more reliable are its Touch screen, windows 8 interface makes your interaction with the laptop at your fingertips. Most of the laptops to function normally has a 4GB RAM laptops. HP's wide variety of laptops has 4GB, 6GB,8GB, 12GB, 16GB RAM's which enables to use them for tasks like advanced photo processing, gaming etc. Yet another advantage of using HP laptops is its battery life. The HP laptops have extremely stylish external look, the bright and vibrant screen completes its high- end look.Laptops are used to access for whenever and wherever we need to. But there are chances that laptops doesn't function as it is meant to be.

A problem that's faced by the HP users are Frequent Shutdowns and Boot-Up Failures this is caused due to several reasons like : 1. Over Heating: If the processor fan malfunction they can cause malfunctioning, if the fans are dusty try to clean them. If your PC has been over clocked the components may not be able to meet the power demand which can cause a serious case of overheating. 2. Hardware Problems: This can cause sudden shutdown to deal with it lets utilize the device manager. Let's consider accessing device manager of windows 10, Windows utility generates error code and helps to trouble shoot device issues. Win + X --> Device manager Other way to check the hardware problem is by checking if the disk drive is working properly just uninstall the newly added hardware. Else do the following steps : Choose Local Disk -> Properties -> Tools -> Error Checking -> Windows button (right click) -> Command Prompt (Admin) -> Type CHKDSK /f /r -> Enter ->Type Y -> Enter and wait for the process to finish -> Reboot your computer. 3. Malware infection : This is another reason for the frequent system shutdown. Try installing the Anti- malware software's.4. Battery problems: Another reason for this could be the draining of battery. replace the laptop with a new one which can support the laptops usage time. 5. Outdated BIOS: Updating BIOS should be done carefully else it will effect reversely to the system. follow the below mentioned steps to update the BIOS Visit vendor’s website -> download the updated BIOS -> place the compressed file on the root of formatted flash drive. Boot PC -> Hit Delete -> BIOS -> M-Flash. Select one file to update BIOS and ME -> Select your flash drive. Wait for the system to reboot and start updating your BIOS. Wait for the updating process to finish. 6. Issues on OS: If all the possible chances are checked still the problem is not rectified the only possible chance will be with OS. To solve this you might need to set back to the older version of OS. Go to start(right-click)-->Control Panel --> System and Security File History --> Recovery--> Open System Restore --> Select preferred restore point --> Click Next --> Confirm the preferred restore point by clicking finish --> click yes on warning box. These are some of the issues that cause frequent Shutdowns and Boot-Up Failures and solutions for HP laptops. But even after doing all these processes the issue continue don't hesitate to visit our store Laptop repair Doha. We deal with all kind of laptop issues of different brands and models.