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Jan 04


Lenovo has now come up to tout a large number of customers worldwide by reviving its business-minded ThinkPad laptop series, whose former versions had created a storm in the market. The new ThinkPad L390 and ThinkPad L390 Yoga are introduced with Intel’s newly energized 8th Gen ‘Whiskey Lake' mobile processors. These newly introduced gadgets are mainly focused at business-users who are satisfied with decent, reliable laptops available at affordable cost in order to cater to their business needs. These are not very slim or light devices meant to allure a massive crowd, but they aim at the business users who value the reliability and security features provided by the classic ThinkPad series with no compromise to performance and quality. In the words of Lenovo, these siblings are meant for the modern-age workers who require the strength and adaptability to be creative always.

Both ThinkPad L390 and ThinkPad L390 Yoga come with an enticing 13.3 inch anti-glare full-HD touch screen with the widely accepted, iconic ThinkPad keyboard. These upgraded laptops are powered by the latest generation of Intel processors. Both the gadgets are available in gorgeous black and silver. Both devices are built with Lenovo’s ThinkShield security services which provide the best in class security to the users in addition to fingerprint readers and TPM 2.0 chips for more secure remote corporate management. Both the siblings are having a thickness of 18.8mm and a weigh approximately 1.6 kg and as claimed by Lenovo, the gadgets are equipped with high physical endurance with military-grade specifications. Lenovo introduces the upgraded laptops with power engines of Intel based on the new 14nm Whiskey Lake refresh which falls under Intel's 8th Gen Core family. They come with stunning 32GB of RAM with 512GB capacity going to power you up with great speed and reliability. Gigabit Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, and NFC are supported. Battery life is claimed to be up to 14 hours for the ThinkPad L390 and up to 12 hours for the ThinkPad L390 Yoga, though both have the same 45Watt hour battery capacity rating. The ThinkPad L390 Yoga laptop is included with an Active Pen stylus for the touch screen use. Lenovo comes with the new series loaded with its unique ‘word-facing’ camera that lets you capture photos and videos of your surroundings.

The ThinkPad L390 will be introduced in the US the coming month and you can fetch it home at a price of $659, which is approximately Rs.46,084 while its sibling ThinkPad L390 Yoga will cost you much more, that is $889 (Rs. 62,168). It seems we have to wait a little bit for these stunning gadgets, since it is not clear when the way will be paved for these gadgets to India.

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